Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Today song: Study

This sound nice

Enjoy this hymn

I love goddess Saraswati


I'm bias...
Cause...I like all 3 female goddess

I love sakti the most cause
She is mom
I love mom

I love Saras
Cause she is super intelligent

I love laxmi
Cause she bring positive aura of happiness

But...3 male, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma
I don't like them huhuhu
Or...less interested...not interested
Sushhs suhhss hehe

I don't even understand...why mother like them hurm

She is mom anyway...
Bad or good she love her child hurm
Great I'm not mom
So I can kick punch...N shushh shush
Stay away from me....huhuhuhu
Evil monster

I'm just 5 year old...
Dont take it to heart
It is just normal
Dont be sensitive n emo with 5 yo hahaha

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