Thursday, May 4, 2017

My conclusion: bout human

This vid
Explain bout human perfectly

For me
They're crazy
Donno y they do the thing they do
Donno y they keep doing
N repeating the same thing

watching this vid
I be like...

I don't wanna be human
They're so weird...I swear it!!!!!

You...freak me out...

Watching this
Made me thinking I'm from somewhere else
Not belong in human group muahahahahaha

I'm 5 year old
With angel frequency
So I don't understand
Y God create such unbelievable moron human...hahaha

Just kidding
Dont be serious with 5 yo

p/s: Do you feel the same?
I think my mission on diz earth
Is to change/brainwash human mind
N install new brain to them

So this earth will be more heavenly

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