Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Moon Pride

Ya...I love this song too
So much... eyes will be teary every time I listen to beautiful song...


That is how...I am...whenever I see/feel something beautiful...

Moon pride song
You should understand the lyric
That is my personality...Moon pride

Something ancient in their voice

She like the picture
N I like...the voice

This one...
With English subs

If you want to ask me...
Who I'm been following

I'll tell you
In that myth
I'm following my mother's trait

In that universe myth
Goddess Shakti :)
Our beloved mother haha

p/s:but marriage
Maybe I'm  a lil bit different
Combination of all ahahaha

Ok2 enough fairytale

Focus...with ur book

If you like the're my team bwahaha

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