Tuesday, April 4, 2017

love drama

It is bout Chinese drama
I think, I was in my primary school that time....

I wanna blabbering bout
One of the character in that story

He is soooooooo handsome, we can call him perfect. Perfect for friend, bff, boy friend n future husband to be -_____-!!!! Hahaha

But the girl she like/love left him
She chasing her dream

I don't remember much but I think
She devote her life for charity work
& study

Fly here and there
Not always available in her own country
Only once in a while she will be at her home....

N that boy keep waiting for her n be forever alone....


During that time...
I was thinking...
I wonder why she do such thing?
Why she didn't stay with him?

That girl is so strange....hurm..............

The now me.....
The grown up me

I feel like

I understand her now

so familiar with her character hahahahahahahahahahaha

Feel close with my heart

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