Sunday, April 9, 2017

I don't like when...

What I don't like about girl?

I hate/don't like/piss off with them
everytime they be like, I scared this, I scared that...the hell

Scare with dark place
Scare human will kill, rape, steal ur thing
Scare with

What kind of hell is that
I can't live with such kind of mindset

I already told you , I'm training myself to be brave, and I don't have time for coward to show up. It doesn't help my growth/self improvement. I feel like slaping ur face. Just keep your "afraid/scared/insecurity" with you.

Don't tell me to be like you. I don't care if I don't have friend to accompany me at night. Soon in your grave, let your friend accompany you in there...

I don't need people/human like you in my life. I would rather be alone than surrounded with coward type mentality....

When I first met, human with Goddess Shakti/Goddess Kali character within her. Among the first thing, that she taught me was...

Don't be afraid with darkness. Embrace it. Remember, you're safe/calm in the darkness of mother's womb. Don't you?

Cause her word is so true, it go straight into me, n build my character.


If you could see deep within me
You won't say such thing !!!!!!

You scared human will kill you?
You scared they might do a bad thing to me if I'm alone cuz I'm girl?

Actually...if you look within me

Don't you know

 I'm assassin/murderer to be if they let me go home, n see that bastard demon once again. I won't think twice! I'll stab..stab...N stab till he die.

So don't let me go home!
Don't let me see that demon!
I begging for you, not to try me!
Take me far away from that place
If you don't wanna see me in jail hahaha

It is always between death and life
I'll fight till I die

I always thinking
That is why prostitutes doesn't suit my character, cause I'll cut his d**k, I or him die... I won't lose my dignity!!!!!

I won't be like Damn cheap just for money. Let I starving to death. Or die on the spot than to lost my dignity/honor....

Kidnap, rape...ahahaha

I advise you, not to have God at all...
Go turn your religion to atheist
It suit you better

I believe in God
He is there in my heart
The one that always protect me
N make me strong....
I don't need coward human being

N in reality...God n me is just enough

I define my own justice
I fight for my own right
I don't need savior

Sometime I just pissed off with human...
I'm in a really tough/hard time, right now
N they make it worst with their coward mentality...

I just can't be friend with coward!!!!!!

Let me sleep everywhere I want
With or without anyone accompany me
I don't care anymore

It hard, cause deep within me
That 5 year old still there...
She is like, afraid to be alone...

The day I decide to leave my parent house
I've no home anymore....

I just walk, n walk....step by step
Don't know where to go

My heart, it break like thousand pieces
I'm too sensitive to be friend with any
human...just too sensitive...

It bleed...again n again
To see coward type n annoying human

Try my best not to cursing human
Cause I want them to live their life to fullest, be the best version of them.....

p/s: wat am I blabbering...haha
I'm crazy
Maybe they appear as a mirror
My own shadow

My weaknesses, I need to delete that ugly part of me....I don't want to be weak..........

Aish...Don't let me see your face!!!!!

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