Sunday, April 9, 2017


I don't want to be caught in fever huhu

I think, many years didn't catch in any worst 3 years like that........

Don't want fever
Cause, when I caught in high fever
During child time... I saw ghost slept
beside me huhuhuhu n owl waiting for me
It's crazy...

It isn't fair, cause I'm weak n couldn't move my body, n u appear....grrrrr

Don't want...N don't like

Stay up till 4...chayok


Flash back bout my name

Every time, I told to human/people bout my name...they kept adding nur at my name...

ofc at school...

Nur mean light

At that time I felt like... hey my name is already short n simple, n I like it like that, adding nur at front/first make it weird. I donno why this people keep saying

Human: So you dont have nur in your name

Me: no.

Human:oooooo, it just, your name should have nur, it'll sound more beautiful/nice. N people always put nur if they've that kind of name.

Me: in heart: it sound weird, I couldn't imagine adding nur huhu

It happen so many time....

N my high school teacher...
he made my name more short
Hahaha... It turn out to be syam...
It mean "the sun"

Ok enough blabbering

I should put darkness at front of my name muahaha...It sound better la~la~la

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