Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bird n thinking again...

I just try to know everything bout me

I see a lot of Bird

I look at Bird with eyes of love/adoring/compassion

Cause I can't help my heart
She like, fluffy,small n chirp chirp

N suddenly one of it flew near me
N then stand/perch at chair beside me

I was shocked
N it shocked too
N flew away -_____-

See, it is scary...

Am I attracting those cute animal huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

N when I walk near them
I said in my heart to it

"don't be afraid"

So it continue doing his/her stuff
N not fly away...

Sometime, I be like

Why you're not afraid with me!!!!!!!!
You should scared...k...N fly haha haha
Maybe  Bird, already friendly/familiar with human

p/s: hurm
I'm hungry...I wanna eat sandwich

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