Sunday, April 9, 2017

A cup of tea

My awake side. Me that already awaken from her long sleep :)

She want to remind/tell you something

She said:

Do not get attached/influence with my emotional post. You've to master self control.

This is just my matrix
Which I build...a long time ago
My own illusion

It is about predestination

You've to learn, to always calm whenever you meet with such character of me. There are a lot of me out there. They live in pain, unconscious.

When you're free from the wheel of samsara, this world Samsara, and achieving your moksha.

No more sadness inside of you. All you could feel is serenity.................................

Nothing can influence you.

Remind yourself again and again
That I'm just one character in this drama world.

I'm actress...acting....
Do not get stress

N ofc you'll feel her...her writing, her everything....

Please, love her...

p/s: see, another part of me is scary
I don't know wat she is talking about
Ok..She said..I'm just actress
N all my painful drama is just drama
Ok wateva

Love you too

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