Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Im just doing fine
Don't worry

It just hard for me to accept what i already know. I need to take a lot of a lot.

You should think back bout this

First key to freedom: predestined
Second key : manipulate it, be manipulator

There is nothing like fate when you already wakeup 

Everything happen, bad or good, it happen according to your own plan
Cause you want it.

If you're still asleep
Then you can call it fate
N i'm not your alarm clock

People will wake up, when they wish/want to wake up. N i'm not interested with sleeping human.

Not interested to wake them up
Like i use to be, when i'm still small. I'm so piss off to see all family member sleep early n leave me alone huhuhuhu

I Guess sometime
I speak to you like i'm really thousand age...n sometime i back to my normal...or back to 5 yo

p/s: love, hug n focus

Actually i hate to see you sleep ahaha

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