Friday, March 10, 2017

Open book: midnight fairytale

bout weird stuff that happening to me

a month before aeroplane in malaysia start to be in bad luck....

Exam day:
Weird thing always happen, when it come to history thing. That morning, it was my history paper.

it happen before I walk into examination Hall. I in my room, staring at my note I guess, n prepare my self exam hall, I just close my eyes bout 5 minute like that.

in that 5 min, so sudden, I in dream world, I was on street in car with mom n dad, then I saw, aeroplane, it came near toward the street. n in awkward position..nearing crushing the street...n I be like "what

wat is wrong with that aeroplane?

nope, in that dream, it is still not crashing the street, just near to n then i back in reality world.

i kind of hearing bell in my ear I think, it just bout 3 to 5 minute I in dream.

 I took my note, n start walk to exam hall, n I feel like my feet not touching the street, ofc it do touch the street, but my body feel so light after that awkward dream.

n I tell mom n dad, when I met them..

n mom said, again I made cartoon story.

a month after that it happen, our aeroplane missing without a trace. so I call my mom, n told her. see it did happen like in my dream, something happen to our aeroplane.

i told them early. i didn't always tell mom n dad bout my dream,..but that one was so weird..

In family gathering, mom will tell bout that to my family...i think it is not weird. cause my grandad already knew, i'm girl when i was still in mom tummy, n he knew next will be lil bro.

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