Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My dark side...

why I can't go home? n see my mom n dad. everybody missing me. But princess don't live in hell with Demon. understand?

don't u get it, dear mom n dad...

First reason:

cause,  I'm afraid, i'll cut his body into pieces, n i won't regret at all. that is how much my hatred toward bastard Demon.

n i know, if i do that, i will lose my study, my career, but i won't mind at all. killing him is the greatest accomplishment...

it is the best feeling, my hand, my attire will be full with blood. Like i used to be

second reason:

it is so heartbreaking to see you back up ur beloved son of demon, so live with him forever. don't ever imagine me in your life. ya, I'm too disappointed with u mom. that is why I don't call/speak to you everyday, like I use to do. cause I hate you so much. I couldn't wait for the day, we'll be apart forever, n I don't have to see ur face anymore. but thanks, you're still the greatest mom to me, in ur imperfection.

same 4 u cousin...

n don't let that bastard coward demon come near me

cause I already try my best, to restrain myself from killing anything. n if he show up, his ass for forgiveness, it mean the last day of his life....i hate ur son of bxxxtch...
n i do not forgive n i will do not forget for my entire existence. ya Allah, menyampah nya, rasa mcm aku nak hancurkan semua yg ada atas muka bumi ni.

mom n dad... i really wanna go faraway from both of you. cause your life is full with drama. n i'm so heartbreak. Human is full with dissappointment.

bastard Demon, u should think before you act. n it is not your lucky day to meet someone like me. n in ur life you'll meet lot of people like me that hate you to their deepest/buttom of heart. taste your own poison.

i wish hell on earth, just for u n ur beloved wife. don't u know, when she accept you, it mean she accept your bloody karma too. ofc she will suffer too. I can't wait to see ur suffering drama episode kah kah kah

p/s: learn from her
She is beautiful in her darkness

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