Friday, March 17, 2017

Me n mind


My character
Deep within me
I'm kind of yes n then no
N no n then yes

Then i feel so confuse with human
I don't Wanna feel confuse
So i leave the source of confusion
It mean... I leave you muahahaha

If you make feel jealous
Jelous cause u have boy n girl friend..
I'll leave you

So i'll feel safe n harmony

Cause i don't like to feel jealous
Why should i feel jealous
It hurt feel jealous

No you, no jelous
Delete you

The end of misery

No drama
I love me

N live forever..hapily Eva after
With your boy/girl friend k

Don't disturb me.....
I'm already dead k ahaha

:confusion disappear
:mission accomplish

The key to stay in my life
"Don't make me confuse"

N i've a lot of question bout this life
N if youve the answer to all of it
I'll stay with u like 4 Eva...

Haha...when i get bored
I'll disappear n make you gone crazy

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