Friday, March 17, 2017

Is this love? Dr love time

Jealous iz an ugly feeling
I feel like, i can't breath
So i don't like it

Will avoid anything/anyone that bring jealous drama in my life...

I be like
If you want him n her
Take them for free n leave me alone

Im too old for this
N too young to trouble3

I always thinking
If i have beloved
I'll put him
Or hide him
Deep within my heart

Cause he is too precious
Don't Wanna share him
with anyone Or anything else
Bring him everywhere,anywhere
I go, ev3n into the toilet kah kah kah

Don't want him to be in human form
Cause that is too big for me...
Yup..too big, to hide him in my heart

I'll be crazy or dying if i being separate from him...

But...when he's  too stubborn

N showing up in human form

I'll sulk, n be blind
N don't ask why i don't see you !!!!
Cause i hate you
N i hate human so much

N ...will go on forever without my heart

Bye2 the end
N let him cry alone

Cause i hate it when human see you
Touch you, speak to you....
You're mine n only mine


P/S: so don't teach me bout love, cause...i'm better without it
I mean
Love between men n women
Cause it freak me out

Teach me universal love muahahaha
I love everything
I love you, like i love tree
I love you, like i love wind

Gonna hide wind n squi in my heart

N put a lot of flower into my heart

My heart is so big for that kind of love...

N no space for him...wekkkkkkk


That song
I like 0.00-1.02 this part the most
N then the mirror break yeayyyy
Her voice was so sad when she said
Those word...

I feel it
N it hurt
N 5 yo me
Won't allow such crime

Gonna cry with you

Don't like girl friend n boy friend
Cause they're soooooooo stupid


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