Friday, March 31, 2017

I'm done with you!

When I say
I'm done with you!

I really mean it
You're totally finished hahaha

The dark me
Never give another chance
Never allow second chance

You're done
& you're totally dead!!!!!

Ofc I knew you
You can change ur appearance
N lied/pretend to be someone else
for a moment
N hide

N at last you show it ahahahahaha

Love never easy
Bye2  for forever
Shut myself from you

p/s: I'll delete, anyone that make me cry n feel like hell.

Don't like ur psycho game...

I should trust my first instinct
But light always ignore such sign, cause she always believe, love will always win. Ya she is so right..

But I'm not light, n I don't like that idea.

Listen here light...I'm gonna delete that human...not killing her...But...just stay away, n don't make her as our friend. K

Don't spend ur time for bullshit
Don't speak with bullshit
Try not to speak with them as possible as you can....

Remember...they're bullshit, that will hurt us...N then say,
They doesn't mean to hurt us...

Give them some punch in their face...if I could I'll kill them all...
Remember to bring your knife
Cause you're always weak without ur weapon.....

When will that bullshit n that demon bastard will die? Cause I can't control this hatred no more... each day, this hatred grow bigger....

I'll not satisfy... as long as him alive...I wanna see him suffer for the rest of his existence... until he give up... N give back that arrogant mask back to me.... N disappear like forever.

I feel like I wanna eat his flesh...N let my mouth full with demons blood... I wanna cut his body into pieces

I wanna stab..stab...his body...till it become like shatter, crumble..

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