Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I feel sad reading this webtoon story

I think, i could not stay up this night

Cause i cry a lot today ahahahaha

You should try reading this story
Webtoon: slice of life
Tittle: infinite immortal Bens


Ben told him not to worry about temporary setback, keep a larger perspective, he said. After all, it always ends the same. You go on forever, never dying, until life has lost all meaning and neither your deepest humiliations nor your greatest successes are even memories anymore.

Ben's advice never helped anyone else, because it never applied to anyone else...

p/s: that Author story
Look like the same story which
My friend told me

N sometime, that is why i avoiding speaking to human...

Cause i feel like speaking to my own self cause,
No one is there
Ofc, in reality i speaking with my friend

But, in another reality
I see no one is there
N it is scary -______-

N im alone answering my own you see crazy human, talking alone in his/her own world.

She ask n then she answer it

Ok nite, 5 yo me

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