Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Love vibration
Or merkaba love vibration

Cause I'm using light path/way
for a long period of time
So, it's already active...

But, I shut/close it for a moment
Cause I want to know bout dark path...
My dark path Iz still
In it low vibration hurmmmmm


Create my illusion with love vibration
Is soooooo easy

When I want something
I just wish upon it..........
N suddenly, like magic, it appear
Pop out

Demon also would kneel down.. hurm


And, light attract so many thing
She is kind of scary thing, n too powerful

In that path
You appreciate all the beauty that universe give... beauty in human, nature...N all

It is like
When u see butterfly
Automatically, ur heart will say
'U're so beautiful, I love you'

U see flower
'Awwwww so beautiful...Love.Love...Love'
N you can't stop adoring it
You're not faking your feeling

U see human
N love again -______-!!!!!!!


The problem is
She attracting all that stuff into her life
Animal, human, flowery environment


I see boy/men
Coincidently, I look at his eyes
I be like

In heart

'his eyes is sooooooo beatiful...'
N love2
She couldn't help her heart cause she love
All the beautiness....

The problem: she was attracting that guy
to be in her life.

She didn't wish it to be like that
It is like normal thing to adore

when I see, hair
Stranger, I don't even know her
But my heart be like:

'her hair is soooooo beautiful, she look like
Princess, I love her'

N I listen to men voice, he speaking
N I be like

'his voice is sooooooo pretty....'
'I think, it should be really amazing if he sing'

And most of them end up..
Sat beside me...
Like a lot of hour
N speak with me

O_O!!!!!! I dont speak with stranger k
Cause it's scary
Why u speak to me?

Do you remember
Bout cat picture...that I post sleeping on
My book....

That cat, I use to adore it...
Ofc my can't stop loving heart yuck
said to it, when she saw that cat.....

"Fluffy2  fur, he is so beautiful"

Attracting human, attracting animal
You made me scared Light!!!!!!!!!!!##
DONT WANT!!!!!!!

N right now, when my heart praising human, I be like...

'Please don't come near me'
I feel afraid if they suddenly pop out
appear front of me...
It freak me out..

That stupid heart...It like to love everything



Lemme develop
Lemme build
My dark character hahaha

Revenge, hatred

She is a part of me to

Ofc she is different from light hurm

You gonna die!!!!!!!

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