Friday, March 17, 2017


Phenomenal at breathing bwahaha
Adoiyai kah kah kah

Keep it up

But me, i scared like hell/nervous whenever friend/human texting or calling me...

I be like...oh noooooooooooo
O_o why you speak
There are like hundred human
In diz place why u?me???????
i'm mute anywaywahaha

Yet...i've to be normal, calm down
N reply their message.:

Me: i miss u too hahahaha

Me n cat
Cat be like

Cat: open your doorrrrrrrrr!!!!! I wanna come in....hey wat u doing in there alone...i just can't let you be alone...imma gonna disturb yo

Thats okay if you don't have food
Just petting me or letme petting u

N put it hand under my door n meow meow meow

Me: noooooooooooooooo

p/s: seriously cat, always choose the meanest person like should choose, cat lover k. Not me...i'm not lover...but something else...huhu

N Already 2 days
Black kitty show me
Reptile with 4 leg n long tail

So i've to hold it (reptile)tail
N safe it from naughty cat -___-
He put it near my shoes while i'm reading outside library

First day
He made all girl screaming
Second day he gave it to me

N that thing hide at my shoes

That thing: please take me away from that cat

N boy n girl...i'm not weird ok...that thing is i can touch it, to safe it from kitty

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