Thursday, March 2, 2017

Flash back

cousin be like
if she miss me, she will text message..

where're you?
what u doing?
don't miss ur meal...

sometime I reply,
sometime I ignore
but still she will sms me

n one of my housemate too behave like her...she will cook...n

she: Mimi, eat this...
me: noooooooo

if she want to go somewhere, she will asked if I wanna join her....

n me: noooooooo
she: always noooooooo from you

I told her bout I met people at uni for first time, first day, n they want me to stay with them

n they give me food/meal, n gift

she: that isn't strange, I'm like that too, now you have that kind of roommate!!!!!!hahaha...I feel happy n satisfy when I make people happy. when I cook, I feel happy they eat it. if they dont, I'm lil bit upset.......

me: I'll avoid any help from people as much as I can. I feel soooo shy if ask them to help me.

she: ya, I feel that way too.

this make me remember bout my friend...

cause when I knock her door room, she be like.

she: I feel like I want to write it in my diary, cause you knock my door!!!!!!!!!!
me: -______- haha

n when i'm so sad.... she text me message

she: that is okay, you don't need to see my face...

old men said: you help me, but you don't want to be help....

p/s: I think this is some clue/code
to know bout me.

n when i speak with men or boy

they-men- say something like

I'll have a lot of boyfriend
and play them -_______-!!!
n it will hurt them sooo much

hurmm, ya this is the strange thing, I think they're crazy...cause l don't even have a boyfriend, how would I'll have a lot of boyfriend.

n I've religion, n rule n I like it sooo much. I won't sleep with any men... yuck

N I caught in many year phobia, will not sharing my bed with anyone, even with my friend, cause of one of my friend involve in lesbian thing.

Now I'm okay

how it feel to have a boyfriend
does it feel like, belonging a cat -___-
or dog?

Like cat at library, sleep-in on my book, n even wanna eat that book, and petting him n only look at him, don't look at book.

in high school
friend (girl) said to me, bout one girl.

she said

she: dont be close with her, she will take you away from me.

hurmmm...I don't understand bout feeling yet, at that time. I just be friend with everyone...

p/s: their word iz sooo mystery like ghost...
Hurmmm if past life exist
O_O does it mean I had a lot of lover
Girl n Boy

Hurmmmmmm scary

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