Monday, March 6, 2017

Bye..bye hair :(

Today I cut my long hair
-____ -
Ofc I cut it by myself
Don't have time for hair cut salon

See, when u travel here n there
You dont have time to take a good care about hair..

I don't even use any compact powder for my face...I don't even have time for mirror -___-.. I only took 5 minute just to wear headscarf..

I cut it really short
I'm just thinking to shave it n leave no hair at all ahahaha

It stink
I don't have time to dry it properly
So it smell bad...n yuck..even I wash it everyday with ton of shampoo

So bye bye hair
We're best friend
But i need to cut you
I feel...i'm not glad at all
We're not princess anymore huhuhu
Ok turn to be warrior

Short hair iz alright..

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