Monday, March 13, 2017


tu  la lain kali
belajar cakap bahasa melayu macam Mat Dan tu ha
dah aku yang kena translate kat ko huhuuhu

they interview this boy
because he’s been missing for 7 days at Broga hill
elf took him into their dimension
he said
he can’t get out from that place….
and he was thinking he was there for only 3 day
hypothesis: 7 days in human world equal to 3 days elf world

one elf family n -Islam religion-…
2 daughter and parent
the daughter  wear  white attire with purdah
and they pray like muslim people
and the first daughter want to marry him
but he don’t want her,  he want to go back home
he remember about his parent at human world
and the first daughter was mad at him…………….
and for the seventh day, serpent fall on his body
and that snake talk to him

The Serpent: If you want to get out from this place, follow the sun ray that befall upon your eyes

for Broga Hill
the border/gate between human dimension and their dimension  is a cave
after you pass the cave, you’ll see the elf village

the same date or near the date, my housemate want to go there but they cancel it -___- phewwww…and then we read about this news. Someone was missing…that made me thinking a lot of time…IN THE FUTURE should i climb that Borga hill or not…i just wanna change my hobby to climbing, and y u missing at that hill..can’t you just missing at somewhere else place. It freak me out….n dear elf…stop kidnapping human!!!! Do you like it if i kidnap your mom??????hehehhee

And from his story… i just clarify something from my experience. The girl that was following me everywhere i went, during my high school WAS an elf….cause my uncle told me, she’s wear something like me, with her headscarf . And she want to be my friend. She following me everywhere, at school, at home…And only the day, i met with old men, she’s not following me. And the day, i choose to separate from her also, she’s not following me. I don’t know where they put her, i think it is the best place for her.

my life motto at that time : don’t speak, don’t let me see you..if you want to learn something from me…just watch me!!!! don’t freak me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: i think...that life motto still valid until now ahahahaha

and the same thing, happen to my high school friend, she also have that kind of friend during her highschool.  She choose to be her [elf/ ] friend, speak with her, and can see her. I think that elf name is Siti… I already forgot about that. Ya my friend, the one that said, “don’t be close to her, she will take you away from me”… She was jealous  at another friend(ofc human] of me ahahaha

fROM human world…or not human world… I always run away from friend.  N i’m so sorry, cause i need to know/learn more about me and my character. It is so confusing. I miss you all. Hug,tightly T T

I think they make a mistake or maybe not…about you need to marry an elf if you want to stay at elf village. Cause granddad’s father didn’t marry any elf, to be friend with elf.  And elf always visiting him at home.  Maybe there’re A lot of ways, FOR you  to go there.

i didn't watch lotr yet
cause everytime i want to watch it
i fall asleep///i know it is a great movie
but i can't help my eyes huhhuhuhuhu

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