Friday, March 31, 2017


Every time I see
Mother with their baby daughter
My mood turn to be

" I want my mom"
N I start to...emo n cry

Sometime I be jealous

"Great you've mom!!!!!!!!"

Then I see handsome prince charming
I be like

" I don't want you!"
"You're not mom!"
"Dont ever dream to have me!"
"I want my mom!"

p/s: complicated 5 year old me
Crazy story

Normal people, at my age
Won't behave like me

I think, girl at my age, dream/wish to have their own children, every time they play with baby... am I right?

Last, last night
I'm dreaming hugging puma in my dream
Great, last time hugging tiger
This time hugging puma

I must love animal like a lot..even in dream I hug it..-___-

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