Friday, March 3, 2017


My old friend said to me

She: open your heart
Me: hehe
She: just open it a little for him to know you. Good guy.
Me: reject
Me n she: hahaha

This library
 is like a reunion place

Me n my fantasy
In this life I just 5 yo
N 5 yo, don't get married
It is against the rule

If he love me, he will wait for me like infinity n forever... Ya waiting for me to grow next2 life -______-

Infidelity is a crime...
Execute him...
Satisfy my heart

Cammon it is boring to see ur face 24 we need to break up n divorce... So u will understand bout true love...

N I'm so pissed off with that bastard, so call ex sibling... I just hate all the thing right now. I'll only heal on the day his head lose from his body. N kick his head...n make it vanish,perish hurmmmmmmmmm

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