Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Reading this history book

When I read, some verse/phrase
when he spoke/advised to  his son
Sometime, it feel like he speak that word to me directly gluppppp

Ofc scary

Not timur, but baber to his son Humayun....

Now, I read page 10
40 pages left

Please I feel like dying
Feel like climbing the mountain
N jump down n die huhuhuhu
I love high favourite place
The higher the better
When i think back...
2 year old me or 1-3/5 yo me
She like to be with crowded
I mean, be at place that full with human

But don't touch, don't speak with her
Let she do her thing
You just need to be there
Don't disturb... Don't annoy her
If not she started to cry, n scream

N want her mommy -_____-

I guess that lil girl
Still alive deep within me

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