Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mom, me n trust

My mom/mama once said to me
Cause she worried bout me

She said

" this girl trust in people too much
for her everyone iz nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She want to teach me bout bad people

N I said: Allah iz always with me huhuu why scared hehe

Ya, mom is right, that is my light side
Couldn't help myself to trust everyone I meet...yup stranger huhu

I want to be whole, so right now, I'm trying/learning to embrace my dark side.......
It still weak, my light side is stronger than dark side.....

Can u believe
I meet people for the first time
N they already offer me to stay with them O_O...not only one, but 3.......
Actually 4

N ofc...I refuse...
I want to be strong by my own
Stand on my own feet hahaha

No, I'm not telling anything bout me, I just saying bout my study..... aura n personality is scary
She love people

But she need to wear dark mask muahaha...

I need to learn bout dark
N be bad n kill n hate
Yup I'm curious bout dark

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