Friday, February 24, 2017

Me n my wish

I wish I can be far away from Malaysia

And when I miss this place
I'll visit it hurm

Cause, there is nothing more left for me here...

I just feel like, I don't have mom n dad anymore, they're all become stranger to me

Home, for me,
mom feel like home
A home without mom isn't a home at all...

N when I let mom go
All the places I go
Become my home

I feel like an orphan
Roaming on this earth alone

Please, never give me or
Put me under their care anymore
Lemme be free

Let my foot step into that house anymore
That isnt my home.....

Never let me see that bastard face anymore, for he will always be enemy to me...I just can't control this hatred anymore

I just can't
N it is not funny anymore

Never let all fake cousin to be near me...for I hate them all so much
As much as I hate that bastard.....

A moment of my insanity
Ya, I'm bad n dark
At least im not faking bout me


I think I should say no, to that oversea class, cause, that is not a place that I wanna go...
I hope she get it, her mom asking her to apply that class.

N I need to settle
3 main task this year
My priority

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