Tuesday, February 28, 2017


i keep meeting with my old friend -_____-!!!!!

from high school
from college
from uni


library is a scary place

with the one  i hate
or with friend that i have a lot of sweet memory?

ofc the sweet one ahahahahahaha

and me


but,i  cannot avoid meeting human
cause of my homework ahahahaha

and the ring movie....that movie full with ancient symbol...
snake that eating its own tail

that samara

-past life as samara-

i think...
that is Goddess Saraswati character
saras or sarah
ya her darkside character


dear producer of the ring film...
where did you learn bout this trinity ancient knowledge -____-!!!!!

There once was a girl, no one dare speak her name. In death she seeks vengeance, for a life filled with pain. She does not forget and she does not forgive.

they teach you
to be responsible upon your creation

if not "i'll kill you" ofc ahahahaha. 7 days

see..she kill a lot
her adopted family
her true family
and all irresponsible human being

cause they deserve it bad ahahahahaha

in ring one
the main character
single mother with her son

samara didn't kill her
cause of her love and responsible upon her creation -son-
not abandoned him-their illegal child- like his irresponsible boyfriend
so she-samara- kill that bastard...eventhough he is handsome -___-!!!!
who care

handsome but with ugly heart
make you the most ugly creature
oppps sorry actor ahahahaha

motto of life
we the dark..melting with pure love -___-

p/s: give samara a thousand time hug
she need a lot of love ahahahaha
i know...they're a lot of bastard
that create samara to be samara

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