Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Crazy mind n not normal

Are you crazy
Ofc it is scary to meet them again

First time you met them
You still don't have any knowledge about self

So you just feel normal
And ordinary always

But for the reunion time
Or second time you meet them
You already got the knowledge bout self

And ofc O_O it is freaking scary
Cause when they look at you
When they speak with you
When they smile at you
When they angry at you

You don't see it like normal anymore
It is abnormal

You don't see them as human anymore

Not human but something else

N they sulk easily, cause for them, i already know bout them, but still i choose to run away...

You all, just don't understand
I scared

Don't you understand
I scared with you

Maybe that is why, the childhood me always cry n scream if people/human try to be friendly with her

Cause she already knew bout you
N bout herself

Eventhough she forgot everything

-____- unconscious mind

p/s: so if you really want her in your life, don't rush, don't make her scare with you...the most important thing don't get angry!!!!!!!!kick your face

Remember she just 5 year old at heart
But an old soul

Just make it like normal
Don't stare, don't talk

Just make like she don't know anything bout you...just be normal

Ya, i see them
Like i see ghost
Even ghost isn't scary like that


If you're mom
I'll like you...for no reason
If you're girl
If you're boy
I'm bias

.....lately human, keep giving me food
N gift....they're so sweet....please be normal with me

Don't stare n don't stalk

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