Thursday, February 9, 2017

can you believe this hahahhaha -music band-

i sang this song -cover - in 2013..fruit basket anime...
i think i make some mistake with the lyric ahaha
almost 3 years...
and someone listen to this and she invite me to sing with her
she sent invitation in January...but i just read it today

thanks dear...
but cannot tooooo busy with book
toooooo busy
and it is critical time for me..right now

-appreciate that sooo much-
-my kind of tribe soul hehe-


at home...
mom, cousin,lil bro, n lil nephew -maybe bcause her mother secretly admire my voice bwahahahaha-
they love listening to me..when i'm singing ....ofc Japanese song
they will stop n stare -______-!!!!!

lil nephew be like
he was watching tv
n then i sang gundam song -Marina character song- Tomorrow
he turn to me...and step by step with his baby step walk toward me
and stare until i stop singing..scary right...?????

but we'll never meet again lil nephew...
i'm too frustrated with family............
my heart already broken into pieces hehe

that lil nephew..he cry a lot...
too sensitive...

sometime mom mistaken my voice with tv...she rushed to living room
just to ask me what movie i'm watching with such song background...
i'm not watching tv...i'm just la~la~la hymn my own soul song bwahahahaha 
and i laugh at her

my mom
she will never say  i've a beautiful voice
so i have to praise my own voice hahahahaha 

me: mama, i voice is like buluh perindu
what a pretty voice like an angel
she:wuekkkk -vomit + puke- hehe -____-

maybe my voice  kind of haunted history background song

when i'm singing in voice will be like that
sometime it soft...sometime it rough

when i'm singing in Inglish my voice will be like this

 ya..i'm trying to figure out bout this confuse life -_____-!!!!

when i'm singing in will sound different from other language

just ordinary voice
but it is something precious to me
i know why i have this voice.......
because...i'm always alone.........
when i listen to my voice...i feel happy....she is my friend

how i wish someday i'll have my own band
but right now...i'm too busy 
someday...i'll sing a lot...
and let all people listen to my voice

i don't know why my tongue can cooperate well
with so many language

in my childhood i love to listen to chinese song
and after that i found i'm chinese blood girl
and also can sing well in that language 

bout Japanese...i don't know...what is the secret within it yet
why i feel so close with this language,,,,

p/s: long blabbering....
dear God...
lemme have an awesome band someday....
i love is my therapy,,,,,
past me
when i'm sad...too sad..feel like.i want to die
i'll listen to japanese song...and then i feel better

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