Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Lately, i stay at uni n lib
My convo will be this year
I'll tell u later

 slow progress

Staying day n night at lib with
Phd student, they doing their thesis

I won't speak with anyone cause, well
I'm not in the mood ahaha
But maybe, people like speaking with me....

So they ask my name
And said "you must continue ur study, master n then phd! Good luck!"

Ya, that is my dream too
But right now, i'm running away from home, n i just thinking bout working n be workaholic, maybe i should forget bout my study ahahaa.

Today mom n dad will come here, ofc visiting their homeless stuborn princess.

They will arrive this evening..

Ok..wish me luck
Right now i'm translating, ibn Khaldun n tamerlane book...bout their historic meeting in damascus. Ya, i still slow in English, so i took like infinity to read n understand, all this old book.

If i continue doing master, i will run away from Malaysia. But i need to improve my broken English ahahaha.

All my plan already ruin, before this, i just want to study as near as possible to mom n dad...i Wanna stay with them.... But my hatred toward Demon, make me want to crush all the citizen in this place...haha kidding.

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