Friday, January 6, 2017

blade and knife

fragment of my lost memory
or puzzle

in that dream
i saw that girl
she got
small knife with crescent shape

when i wrote it in here
the image of that knife kind of disappear from my mind -___-!!!

ya...everytime i wrote something from memory
it slowly, by slowly disappear from me huhuhu

but, i do wanna remember it hurm

it's kind of a very weird dream...that was the first time i saw the sky dragon
beautiful blue eyes, with sharp white teeth, and super big
and it didn't just look at that that dream

the black speak with me
without opening it mouth...
it talking straight to my mind........
i can hear it voice all around me in that ocean...hurm
i can breathe in that ocean
like breathing in normal air

i think it is male

it tell me something like

"i already remind you, you'll get hurt/injured, if you stay with them"
"bukankah aku telah peringati , kamu akan cedera jika bersama mereka"

about that knife, at was in straight shape
then, the blade change to be small sharp knife, with crescent shape
kecil, tajam dan melengkung

is it knife or blade? i can't remember clearly first it was blade, long and straight
after the fight with unknown warrior/person
woman vs men O_o
that men start it first
cause...he was unsatisfied about that blade
for him, she wasn't qualified to have it..she only got it through her noble family
that was why, he want to challenge her, it was like an ambush.........................

2 "men+women" vs 1 men....she was in second line
and then  1 vs 1

after the end of that fighting
blue dragon appear...........

at that time, she was so sad, i can see that in her eyes
she look down at her crescent knife...with teary eyes
and then she look at sky....that was their first meeting...
they both knew...they don't like the war

she is the owner of the blue dragon
if she use that dragon...
just one city will disappear
thanks....they wasn't in monster side hehe

her attire also change
from noble family attire
to hermit  kind of attire and her hair...been cut down
no hair..without hair..she still look beautiful but sad

i just understand...she got it not because of her noble family, ancestral
it was because of herself.... something within her...her destiny............
all code is within her
her character...
character is destiny

it wont change...wherever, in any era, you won't change to be anybody else

p/s: the problem is why i understand her feeling -____-!!!!!
it was only just dream...

p/s: the end of fairytale
p/s: hurm the same you..ofc different body....
it is like..reading/watching movie, and you don't know that was you
but you feel something about that story....

sometime..i want to wear a mask of old woman, ugly person...hurmmmmmmmmmmm
i want to experience everything
ugly and beautiful both is me


p/s: blue dragon crescent blade/knife
p/s: when i think back...crescent shape knife? i think Goddess Kali have it too hurm
but what i saw in that dream, that knife is sooooo beautiful and sharp... A+++++ quality
not like in painting/picture hurm

Now everywhere i went....i see Goddess Shakti image
my new place...situated near Goddess Shakti temple...hahahaha

adoi...this life is so funny

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