Monday, December 5, 2016

nite all-fairytale moment hehe

i love me so much

one step to freedom

ya everything is energy

we can delete/discard useless energy

human around you....
look deeply
actually, who're they

this old program
family program
friend program
enemy program

actually we're alone
in this matrix....
only you exist
find peace in alone
if i say i am you?
would you believe that?

nothing as separation exist
it only exist in your illusion
cause you want to experience such thing :)

ya, i just play game with the sleep one...
bwahaha... is a strong force, energy
hatred also the same

if you don't understand - everything is energy-
you'll be trap in this world game...

be like me...if you can

i can control this hatred well
n i'm expert in love bwahahahaha...
hatred is fun tooo

this time i use hatred hahahahahah -crazy-
love..shut up ok!!!!!!

we need to teach human

p/s: nite princess
i'm already sleepy
mom..don't be sad
there is nothing like separation

i  don't know why you choose not to be awake hurm
you're queen of drama..and your daughter don't like drama

i delete drama ahahahahah

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