Wednesday, December 14, 2016

dear miss/ma'am counselor

song for you and me

you like to study about human?
maybe solving their problem
never ending problem

they're like missing puzzle
the bigger picture
can't be complete............

i like to look at them too
and many time i don't like them hurm
without them my life is empty but happy
and sometime i miss them hurmmmm

they think i'm weird
that is what i think, everytime i look at them ahahahahaha
and i think they're crazy 
crazy people never know they're crazy

but i know i'm crazy...
 do you think i'm crazy?

i'm the most sane amongst  the insane


p/s: don't worry
i'm strong
or you want to tell me something else...
cya lot of love


dear little bird...
why you trust in her?
do you feel safe?
i guess so...

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