Saturday, November 26, 2016


today, wedding ceremony at new big sis place
and our place

ofc not going hahaha
i stay at home

too lazy to move

in my crazy mind....
i can't endure crowded place for two time....
one time already too much
cause i'm in cave mood bwahahahahahaha

my nephew crying loudly at that place... -____-!!!
from the beginning until the end
and making his mom...dhfjmdhfkhdskjgh ahahahaha

 i think he should stay at home like me kah kah kah

p/s: dear nephew don't be weird like your "the most craziest" aunt
now he sleep safe and soundly in my room

big sis: take care of him...he sleep..i gonna leave him here

lot of people in my house..and i hiding in my room yeayayay

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