Tuesday, November 29, 2016

drama queen

me: mom, you’ll not have cleaner anymore, so you should do it alone
mom: i’ll tell him to move out
me: what? do you think i’ll return…i’ll not return unless he die.
mom: why you say like that…don’t be like demon
me: demon meet demon, he need that…

mom: do you think i’m not angry at him? but i’m patient

me: i can’t stay in this place, i already lost my patience. If you don’t wanna see i stab him with knife let me move out. You married demon and get child like demon. And you want me to stay in here…. i just lost my patience..i’m totally lost

demon think they know me…they don’t know that i’m their leader, and i can kill them.
low rank -___-

please read the demon diary comic, okay bwahahahaha

i don’t like coward…

ok..need to packing my thing…the owner of that house…somehow, she answering my question.  I write in here, what should i bring.  She told me in that message, i don’t have to bring anything, i just need to bring clothe.

this matrix is scary…but i won’t mind taking the risk….

i’ll not hurt good/nice people. I appreciate light so much. When you’re living in darkness for too long. You begin to appreciate, love everything that’s shine.

p/s: i love mom...
ofc i cry...i wanna stay with mom
she is like angel in my life............

but...i lost my patience

I'm patient. I can wait.

ya be patient and wait until you die kah kah kah

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