Tuesday, November 1, 2016



ya...i heard something about war
no, i will not change my mood into "Goddess of War" mood
i'm not interested, i just have no feeling, i'm feeling nothing at all

Goddess of War be like
if you want a fight i'll bring a war
at least that is my expertise
my favourite battle field
what more do i need than their flesh and blood
all villain should extinct from this earth

dear Goddess of War/God of War your rage
come n sit here with me........
and look at sky and those star...infinite life...infinite reality

but still
the battle begin
it is so cruel
never ending war

it's cold here...
lately...i'm freezing, it's the weather or my temperature isn't the same with surrounding -___-!!!!

if i want to forget about something
i'll not hate, i'll not love
cause this two type of "i donno how to explain" it is just the same
hate is love, love is hate
i just simply forget about the thing i want to erase hehe
no need for love, no need for hate
scary, isn't it?

when you hate and when you love something
you'll keep repeating it in your head, in your mind
how can you move on ?
how to find your serenity ?
how to meet with your freedom...

ya, it is crazy, right?
how i can i live without any feeling hurm?
am i dead or am i alive...hurm
death is life, life is death hurm

i'm just saying
don't follow this ridiculous advise

p/s: please be light..full with love
i love you :) 

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