Saturday, October 29, 2016



ya, give
the giver

the giver just wanna see their smile
and that is the best thing ever

your pain is my pain hurm
i wanna teach human about empathy
i want them to feel everything ahaha

and how to control that empathy

i mean...some people can't look at the suffering of other
they feel soooooo sad, and cry alot....ya, that is good sign,
cause it;s the proof you're human being and not heartless monster
but, you need to control that feeling, emotion

wherever we look at sick people
from empathy, we learn, we know that patient is hurting/is in pain
we want them to heal

give a hand...
and skip that sadness...
no need for sadness

help them as much as you can then leave the rest to God hurm
and empty your mind and heart from sadness and drama....
let it be empty

empty from human....

give and give...without any reason...
without needing any "thanks"

i feel sleeepy

p/s: today we visit uncle at hospital
i feel happy to meet with family :)

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