Monday, October 24, 2016

what i feel?

everytime i speak with friend
i feel like hugging each of them
i just love them so much T T

they don't know
each of them look like star
look at sky, do you adore all the star
that is how i feel.

for me, they're perfect
ofc everyone make mistake we're human
but i just met, perfect in imperfection
the most perfect human...
i'm lucky to have them in my life

i feel like i want to give everything to them
i mean, i want to give them present/gift
you can't give from an empty vessel

i don't want anything
i just wanna give...
you know, the giver

like santa claus
i'm santa claus bwahahahahaha

i wish my dream will come true
just right now, i couldn't keep in touch with all of you
i need to settle a lot of thing...
my reality, my insanity
and be rational

i don't know how many year i'll take to settle my own problem....
just be patient with me...please love me muahahahahahahaha
if you don't love me, i'll punch your face ahahahahaha

p/s: just be patient, your time will come hurm
come on,
almost 17 year spend my time with friend n lot of human -dizzzzzy-
lemme spend alone time with myself...
let her be free and be at home
she never in home
she always, everywhere, anywhere -_____-!!!!

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