Friday, October 7, 2016

a human being

a human being

You are and you were always a normal human being. You only believe in what your eyes can see, but at the same time, you feel like there is something bigger watching over you. Never stop believing in that. As all creatures, you have two sides, Light and dark. But the “Light and Dark” thing in the human beings is very complex, because that is reflected on the life that they lived or that they are living. 

a vampire

You are a bloody Vampire. You might look like one human being, but you are not normal. You have an enormous desire of blood and you love to see creatures getting killed. You have a really really dark soul and you are very romantic, but in an unique way. You feel like you need to drink the blood of your loved one, to show him that you love him and to feel that you have a little part of him floating in your veins. 

a mermaid

You are a dangerous mermaid. You have killed lots of pirates and sailors with your seduction, in the old times. You love to sing (even if you sing badly), taking care of your hair and swimming in the sea. You feel a great connection with the sea. The sea sends you vibrations of harmony and power. As all creatures, you have two sides, light and dark. You are in the middle of those two, but sometimes you are a bit dark for men. “Men only think about SEX” or “Men’s specialty is breaking a women’s heart”, but let’s face it you can’t live without them.

a fairy

 Your soul hides a magical fairy. Is very possible of you being a fairy in your past life. You love to sing and dance everywhere you go, like you were shining. You are made for great things… You feel a big connection with the Nature. The Nature gives you power through the five elements: fire, water, earth, air and energy. Besides the Nature, you have a really strong connection with the moon, and the moon has a really strong connection with you. The moon gives you power and peace. You feel like she is your second home. You have two sides, as all creatures, light and dark. You are in the middle of those two, but in the right times, you fall on the light side.

 an alien

You are a mysterious alien. Your soul was born in another galaxy and you were born among the stars and among the planets. Looking and the stars bring you peace and memories. You possibly have stars that shine in the dark, pasted on the walls of your room. You have two sides, like all creatures, Light and dark. You are walking in the middle of those two. You are very funny and intelligent at the same time. You love science fiction or comedy (is very rare an alien having a passion for comedy, but you never know…).


p/s: all wrong
i'm princess -____-!!!!
and i hate king
i love queen
i love all animal.... 

and for prince charming
she said

you better DEAD...i found you, i kill you!!! hurm 
princess, shouldn't be weak, she can be strong, alone

ofc princess is smart
so she know the answer 

ahahahha kidding..

just for fun

fairy tale time...

i want to be princess...and i have white tiger, i have dragon...and live with them
my flufffy22222 pet...white wolf, white bear, winter...
no human
i hate human
cause they kill the nature

-warrior princess-

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