Wednesday, September 21, 2016

fairytale time...night dreamer

my dark side
the darkest side of me darkest side of me
what you want to tell them?

1. pretend to be weak -walaupun memang semulajadi lemah aahahahha
2. smile at your so call enemy -we don't have any enemy just pretend haha
they want to play , we need to show them how we play it.
3. don't get involve with so call -the highest one- -____-!!! be mystery
be snobbish and lone ranger ahahaha

highest one?????
yup..something like..example: king group, government  hahahaha
or highest. mightiest, strongest, holiest
avoid...stay away from them -___-!!!

everytime they kick us
with darkest smile
give it to them

count and don't forget what they did....
this life is like wheel :P 

p.s: princess is so angry..but why she is smiling
everytime..she got rejected and kick
instead of angry or cry
she smile and feel so happy

me: dear mystery so call princess, why you laughing everytime they hurting you
princess: cause i love the "feel", the feel of give me the strength
me: hurm
princess: do you feel it...the pain...deep inside your heart....
me: O_O O_o!!!

princess: i can't wait the day i step on each of them...just imagine it...hahahaha
that is why i laugh...i cannot strike first...that is against the rule...we don't start the fight
they need to start will be their dead end. Me and them end..hehehehehe

me: wow...but it will ruin you..that kind of mentality
princess: nope...negative meet negative= positive.

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