Sunday, September 4, 2016

again my crazy mood...

how it feel to be me?
do you want to know what is in my heart?

if you know
you would be drunk and lose your sanity
no need wine to make you drunk

like the song lyric
we're so close yet so far
i'm not that far from you 

in this illusion
if you're not blind enough 
you could see me
it just only you and me exist
and do you remember
that we're one and only

in this illusion
it is so weird to see you cry whenever you see me
and it's more more weird, why my heart hurt so much when i see you
all is weird...human is weird -_________________________-!!!!!

i love you too much...and too much..soo much
and i keep you in my heart, you're there, we're never separate
when i see you in this illusion realm, and you try to be close to me
i run...

from the day you decide to play this game, from that day, we're stranger 
you forgot about me or maybe you pretend to....
it hurt me like "worst"

i learn from you
i pretend
i don't know you
so be prepare with "mean" version of me
that cruel wicked witch...hurmmmmmmm

whenever i miss you, i look at them....
it feel like watching our love story on screen
sometime i hate you, that i want you to disappear
why you're such a jerk
put my feet on your face

can i break your leg and kill you?

this life is too weird...too strange
for little princess like me
stay weirdoooooo


p/s: i must be paranoid ahahahahaha
how dare you put me as your second or option or ignore or hurt me or forcing me
die..go die
then i will forgive you...i love to see you suffer cause you deserve that -______-!!!

remember this..i always first and the last...
if you want to die...try to make me sad with your rotten story....pfffttttt illusion

who make that girl angry?
why she is such grumpy
why..who hurt her?

don't be tooooo serious

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