Monday, September 5, 2016

activity at home: roses, rat, cat, monkey and orange..maybe orange-pink -__-!! idk

this is my roses

i’m so mad with monkey, ya, i guess it’s monkey doing such bad stuff

it try to take my red roses, and it break one rose, so i have to cut it… Pity my rose, i want her to stay with her friend and live longer there…now it have to separate from the rest..Stupid monkey..or wateva “monster” doing “cruel” thing to my roses.

one of cat in the picture already dead…the one that look at my roses…accidently dad crush it with car
he was so sad and miserable that day...cause he love cat....

i found this rat…it play in our house, and got trap in bucket that full with water

one dead, and only one safe. i buried it r.i.p. i should kill it right. But it look so pity. So i save it  from water and cat. -____-!!! and i said,” don’t play in my house, go somewhere else”.  And everyone said 

“mimi, don’t play with rat!!!!!!!!” tak mau, tak mau, jangan main dengan tikus, bagi kucen makan.

"you'll get sick if you play with rat!!!!!" and ....
No, cat shouldn’t eat rat, cause they will be sick…it’s not a good food ok.

-the end-

p/s: princess will travel alone..okey..
no need to escort me hurmmmmmm
lemme be independent lil princess

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