Friday, August 19, 2016

Time to fairytale again: Telepathy dream

Hide behind your smile, all the world loves a clown
(Just make 'em smile the whole world loves a clown)
You deserve an award for the role that you played

time to think:
hurm...maybe that voice... (that men mystery voice)
i think it is like ritual, ancient ritual and they use ancient language.
what they’re trying to do. hurm. ya i only hear one voice, but it feel like he was not alone there.
p/s: this one, i’m not asleep, it just so sudden, i hear it. Maybe at 5 am like that.

About dream.
do you know, sometime when we’re in dream, we know that we’re in dream
and such thing happen to me many time. I know that i’m  asleep on bed, and
i know  i’m in dream realm.  In my own mind.

me: wow, so this my dream realm. Let’s take a look around this building and place.

and i start to explore the place in it. It not last longer. Ya everytime such thing happen to me, i afraid that i don’t have enough time to explore the place, cause i’ll awake from that dream. Sometime i walk quickly, before my body start to wake up in real world/world realm ahahahaha. ya, i’m aware, everytime i can control, i mean i knew, i was in dream, i never once talk to anyone in that dream…or there is no human in that dream..hurm

that day, it happen again, when i was in dream realm and i was like, and i was fully aware, that is my dream world….this place. Let me try call mom from here. It is like using telepathy. Ya it is just so sudden, i want to do that. 

me: mama, mama, mama

and something disturb me, so i stop…

the day after that, or the next, next day, while i was talking to mom (ofc handphone), and so sudden she said to me. (i didn’t tell her anything bout my dream )

mom: mi, that day, i heard something like your voice calling me

me: O_O!!!! you hear it????? ya that strange thing happen to me, and i just try to call you. i’m in dream and bla..bla..bla

i just thinking, the signal, i mean my voice reach her, but it took time. Not like handphone signal, one click, then it reach the target. And this is something new to me. And it just coincidently happen, not like i learn from anyone. Or maybe i watch a lot of cartoon ahahahaha so i learn it from cartoon, they talk to each other (distance place)  without using any machine muahahahaha. i must be crazy and lost my mind -_____-!!!!! friend/mom won’t laugh at me, but i laugh at myself. i can’t believe her ahahaha. Why she is so weird creature. Why this character of me, is like this.


i want to run away
i scared with myself

i believe..out there...there're a lot of species same as me ahahaha kidding
yeay..i'm not alone...but don't disturb my peaceful time..lemme be alone

p/s: gud is just fairytale...
smile..and enjoy this life... -____-!!! i hope tomorrow...will not kill me waakakaka

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