Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Saving Money-Story

i want to write about saving…

in this life, sometime i think, it is not about money
but they just get worried when i travel alone, right?
cause that day…it just only cost 50 cent…and they said…
it is not about cost, cheap or expensive -_____-!!! (stubborn..stubborn..kepala batu)
maybe it is about my safety…my heartbeat..right?

ok, about saving…mom’s rule

ever since we’re born, me and my sibling…
mom  open 4 account (big bro, big sis, me, lil bro) and every month she will cut/spend like RM 25 like that, from her salary , i don’t remember much. 12 month, we already got, RM 300. So at twenty, we already have like RM 6000. And, that bank make investment in something, so we got bonus for 3 year investment, if i’m not mistaken, every year they gave RM 1000. So, saving+bonus, i already have RM9000, like that.

we use Tabung Haji Bank…they already help you to count money for saving zakat. So you don’t have to worry about zakat. (At least they try to do something about interest/riba, they try to be bank that is free from interest...)keep up the good work hurm..

Tabung Haji telah membayar zakat bagi pendepositnya. Manakala Bank Islam hanya membayar zakat ke atas perniagaannya. Zakat simpanan masih dikenakan jika simpanan di buat di Bank Islam.

Every mom and dad, should do this to your child. You will help them a lil bit, this unreasonable life. I asked mom, who teach her to do that. She said, few of her friend doing the same thing. So she follow her friend.

And if someday, we lost all our money, our house, car, job, family. Please remind back bout our root/our beginning. We come to this world alone, we’re born alone. We don’t even have t-shirt. We don’t belong anything on this world. Why we have to feel sad when we lost anything that doesn’t belong to us from the very beginning. Why because of money, you want to end your life? you must be crazy ahahaha

-___-!!  don’t cry when people cheat on you.. It is just money. It don’t have any value. Ya just give it to them. Maybe they need it the most. If they’re just being greedy monster…remember, what goes around, comes around. We just need to smile, and laugh like always, enjoy this life to the fullest. Begin again, don’t give up or stress or worry, we should delete it from our diary/memory. 

Ya, if you cry, worry, stress, will that money coming back to you??? so don’t be fool. Laugh, at least your heart feel happy hahaha.

me? i like to cry..because that is one of my hobby. That is not about money. Money is not that important until i have to give it my precious tear. My hobby is crying, laughing for no reason ahahaha. (Go see, baby, and lil children, sometime they laugh and crying and feel happy for no reason..scary, they must be crazy like me)

( i always thinking, wow..this paper…hahahaha, what is wrong with this paper hurm…part of this game..ya i know2. but i just want to laugh…)

What i learn from money, it never stay with you. It come and go. . And when we give it to people, it keep coming back to us. So spend it to make this earth to be beautiful. Use it to help people in need. I remember, i got RM 300 practical work (during college), i donno what to do with it. So i give it to people. So they can smile. (don’t be greedy and mean with money, cause it will eat you back, alive muahaha)

Good, i’m single and not available. I don’t have any burden like family stuff. I already learn a lot from my aunt. She was a single mom (already passed away). I look how she took care of her daughter. And sometime, she told me about all the burden and difficulties that she had to bear. She cried front of me . hurm…. (ya..i must be old soul, cause i be friend with old people ahahahaha)

 p/s: membebel je kerja aku huhu

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