Monday, August 15, 2016

pillow talk-bed time story lil princess

don’t take it too serious whenever i post something on this blog 

don’t get too attach with it
this is something that i have to deal in life (game)
and that is not your life, no need to feel guilty or sad
please smile, and maybe laugh at my story, i really mean it
that stupid girl, she have a lot of drama har har har
everyone is doing their best
everyone have their own problem

just read it as some sort of drama, movie of life hurm (cartoon..nothing real)

the way i expressing myself…
and to heal my broken heart  ahahahahahahahahaha
everytime i write, it lift the burden
i  feel a lot better, kind of therapy

hurm…this nite…  i doing nothing..just reading some  book
i hope tomorrow, my life will be better from yesterday…..
i hope this girl will grow like a tree and healthy and happy

and i hope someday, she will have her wing 
i  want this angel in my team
she so beautiful muahahahahah

ofc..this is one of my favourite online game hehehe

ok let's watch make up story..............................................
i must be crazy 

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