Wednesday, August 17, 2016

in my dream land

lately in my dream

i keep hearing people singing beautiful song

i just thinking, if i could bring something in my dream to record the song ahahaha

i never heard any singer sang such melody, it is beautiful…it give me some chill,  i remember the lyric. Just a simple lyric, but the singer sing it with her beautiful voice and the crowded singing with her. gluppp..nope don’t wanna share it with you the lyric..scary…. 

First time it come to my dream, they sing a lot of song in many language. The newest one, she sing it in Malay language. 

And that men voice, (kind of seru/calling something), was he calling for me with such weird language???.. Scary. I keep thinking, what language, what is that phrase mean. Why i heard that voice. Who is he?????

(my life puzzle..that needed to be solve….Dora the Explora wakakakaakka)

and last night, i dream, i hug white tigris cute.. -____-!!!...everything in my dream, seem so crazy, i’m not scare with dragon, i’m not scare with tigris…i must be princess fairy tale in dream land. my dream…i saw that magical place with goddess in it, bright light… she said…secret.. la~la~la..It must be, because i watch a lot of cartoon and all of the character entering my dream ahaha.

p/s: idk why lately i can remember back what i dream
cause..most of the time..i sleep safe and soundly without dream anything ahahaha

if i don't remember anything, will you come to me?
i forgot everything about our love
then will you come to me...

sadly..i'll treat you like some sort of stranger 
i'm so sorry

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