Wednesday, August 17, 2016

-____-!!! ice cream

i think i gonna find some ice cream sudden i feel hungry..yumn yumn yummm

first i think..i don't wanna eat anything this nite

and then...


p/s: ya..good3 XD ..join my team..forever alone wakakakaka

update: 11.39 pm
are you kidding me? T T
there is no ice cream for princess tonight…….nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
lately..all people being  soooooooooooo mean with sweet lil princess….
that’s okay dear…i’ma gonna sulk and run away from all of you
so you may know how it feel when u lost such spoil lil princess like me hurm
your life gonnnnna be so boring without her…and you start to cry like moron

are kidding me, princess?
you sulk..cause of ice cream?? O_O

so what???
do you know…she always enjoy her life. sulk, angry, smile, happy for no reason (she just acting: cause she is 24 hour happy, tear also become her happiness). Can you imagine, she smile and feel  happy by looking at All the thing around her, every single thing, will make her laugh/smile/happy for no reason. It is not a big deal, if she run away from ungrateful people, she won’t lose anything.. ^^ i envy her so much…why is she like that..hurm

p/s: i miss ice…i gonna eat a lot of it..don’t care

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