Thursday, August 4, 2016

i just want to say...

whenever i read back what i wrote
it give me some chill like goosebump -___-!!  (i already say this many time)
i be like, is that really me who wrote it
i got to learn back from her O_O!!!
ya, i think you too feel the same

~dun wory~ we are in the same situation ~har~har
i know how you feel when you read my writing, cause i feel it too…
i feel like reading someone else writing, not me O_O!!
it feel good to know about her story
ya, sometime i forgot
what i wrote

thanks to this open diary
p/s: sometime, her writing is insane
like drunk
like in love with something -___-!!! scary O___O!!!
sometime she angry  n wanted to kill it ~glup~

dear my self, who do you love? who is ur beloved?
maybe she will answer it, like that man, i love ALL OF YOU muahahaha LOVE NOW HAHA
I LOVE THIS MOMENT, THIS MOMENT, MY MEMORY -___-!!! ok smile..i love you hehehe

-what you'll say to your beloved...if he want to be with you?
* go..die..and die...die...die..die.die..die..die
so sweet..right?

~reading this make me feel glup~

and reading Qurratul Ain’s story also make me feel, omo, O_O!!!!
 and when i write it in Malay O_O!!

semangat mana pulak lah menyerap den tulih macam tu, soram eh,
goosebump of kazeyuki, inao, yura, aihara, qurrat, hurm yuuya
believe me, writer/author is never sane, they’re all insane hurn

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