Thursday, August 11, 2016

human weaknesses

i want to write about human weaknesses
ok, just simple example…

every morning, we wake up, we have bad breath, right? haha
i can’t even stand my own bad breath -___-!! it stink, garbage smell, it give dizziness
sometime i feel like crying, cause it is hard to smell such thing, why human have this kind of smell??
and this routine continue, on and on, everyday, everytime we wake up from sleep

every hole, mouth, ear, nose, butt and all, each of it have garbage smell

if i  didn’t shampoo my hair, it also give stink smell…it only take a few hour for such smell to come again, and i have to wash it again. It doesn’t feel okay, cause i want my self to 24 hour smell nice hahaha.

why human want something that smell like garbage?
and sometime they fighting with each other for stink and garbage?
aren’t this species have something wrong with their mind? why they’re so weird?

back to my childhood, i still baby, maybe 3, 2 years old, at that time, mom want to teach me, to eat durian (fruit: with stink smell, but they says, it is delicious). And me, i couldn’t it eat, everytime mom gave it to me, put it in my mouth, i put it out back. That is my nature, i can’t stand something that smell bad. I feel like crying. And ofc, i kind of crying, everytime they eat it, cause it smell bad. Ya, now, i didn’t cry, i just said, don’t eat it front of me.!!! ya when i am home, they try not to buy that fruit. I f they really wanna eat it, i’ll close kitchen door, and i don’t have to smell it..yeay..

and mom told me, big bro do something to my milk bottle ( i still baby: i don’t remember). He put it  in something that smell like garbage. But they don’t know, so they try to give it to me. And from that day, i refuse, to drank anything from that bottle. Mom felt weird, why i don’t want it. Then she smelt the bottle….

hurmm…my nature, my character didn’t change much…

whenever i am home,  i help mom to clean lizard, rat waste, cause i can’t stand the dirty place. I want to clean it. I don’t care, if my hand get dirty, cause i know, after finish clean it up, that place will look shiny and smell nice. I didn’t kill rat, cause…it look cute. So someone else, need to kill it, not me.

p/s: but still i'm super lazy lil princess muahaha and i like to make a mess...donno how to arrange thing.

i can count how many time, i kill lizard, and all animal, 1, 2,3 (only when i’m really piss/angry with their behavior, if i meet them at my happy time, i just look at it, and thinking, should i step on it? then i don’t huhu). Ya,i kill a lot of mosquito, but another animal, nope. I try to kill lizard with poison, but none of it eat it, ya… -____-!!! i don’t have skill to kill animal. Another family member use the same poison, but they kill  a lot of lizard.

p/s: the end…
 i should be more wicked…and bad… ahahaha

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