Saturday, August 6, 2016

eyes, heart and mind ^^

what is the worst part of being me?
the worst part of being me is “i couldn’t stop crying” T T
even i’m desperately don’t wanna cry
this eyes is super weird -_______-!!!!

me: why you crying?
eyes: T T
me: what is wrong with you?
eyes: T T
me: so, you want me to listen to you?
eyes: T T
me: heart!!!! do you understand what happen to eyes?
heart: ??
me: oh no, you (heart) and eyes, both of you, super duper weird grrrrrrrr

p/s: me aka = rational mind ahahaha. Dear rational mind, please  be patient with the two unreasonable creature…i know, they’re so dramatic!!!!! muntah…and rational mind of me, mind, it couldn’t stop laughing at heart and eyes. It is so hilarious, ahahahaha. That is the best part of me, rational mind, me, she couldn’t stop laughing, and have no worry at all. And sometime, it make heart and eyes, pissed off with her muahahaha.

ya better keep your promise
or, you Dead!

 sing me to sleep, now 
(i'm tired T T)
i'm neither awake nor asleep
 please remind me how it feel to hear  your voice 
i'm afraid, i might forget...

 i've become what you cannot embrace
our memory will be my lullaby

did you feel us..hurm T T

 this kind of voice remind me of that voice hehe
 healing voice T T

ok..back to reality

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