Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Exchange knowledge

:) I stay at aunt house.
Today is second day I'm here

I have a very long conversation with cousin. We speak n speak until 2 am, and then until Subuh prayer time about 5.50 am ahahaha.

Night owl meet with night owl.

Like I told, my family also have a lot of strange thing n memory that needed to be share. We speak about everything.

She said after meeting with a lot of people, now, she change from logical thinking to mystical thinking, cause a lot of thing in this world have no answer.

We speak about lucid dream, automatic writing and everything.

Ya, she can control all the thing in it. Create everything that she want in that dream, n wake up, at the time she wish to wake up. And fully aware that she was in dream world.

Cya..just sharing the moment, I think I need to gather with all my cousin n family member and share all the weird thing together ahaha

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